Streptavidin Conjugates

SETA BioMedicals streptavidin-conjugates are offered with a variety of different Seta labels, that span the whole visible and the NIR. Seta-dye streptavidin-conjugates are extremely bright and photostable and they remain highly fluorescent over a broad pH range (pH 4 - 9). Seta streptavidin conjugates are used as secondary detection reagents in many applications including high throughput screening, flow cytometry, and immunoassays, among others.  The dye-to-protein ratios of these conjugates are optimized to yield the highest fluorescence signals. They are stable for 6 months when stored at 4 °C.

For a list of available florescent labels we refer you to Seta labels.

SETA BioMedicals produces these conjugates on an order-only basis. Please also contact us for bulk order inquiries.


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