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SETA BioMedicals produces, commercializes and licenses proprietary fluorescent detection reagents (fluorescent dyes, probes, labels, tandems, and standards) for biomedical research applications.


These detection reagents can be ordered over the phone at (217) 417 2160, via e-mail at orders@setabiomedicals.com or with our online shopping cart and are delivered the next day in the continental USA and within days at any other destination around the world.

  • Highly Bright, Water-Soluble Rotaxane Labels

    Novel, extremely bright and photostable probes and labels based on squaraine rotaxanes. These unique fluorescent reporters combine all desirable features of common fluorophores including high chemical and photochemical stability.

       Photostability comparison of several red emitting dyes

  • Phycobiliprotein Tandem Conjugates

    Bright and photostable tandem-conjugates of APC, PE and PerCP with Seta dyes for flow cytometry and immuno-fluorescence applications.



    Flow cytometry measurment of blood cells stained with CD3 – Seta-APC-780

  • Labeling Technologies

    Next generation labels for proteins, oligonucleotides and other biomolecules with exceptional brightness and photostability.


    Mouse egg cell stained with Square-655 and Square-460 Mouse egg cell stained with Square-670-Carboxy and C6-4
    Mouse egg cell stained with
    Square-655 and Square-460
    Mouse egg cell stained with

  • Click Chemistry Reagents

    Azides and proprietary DBCO derivatives of long-lifetime and 2P-imaging dyes with 2PACS of several thousand GM for Cu-catalyzed and Cu-free click chemistry reactions

  • Viscosity-Sensitive Probes and Labels

    Large Stokes' shift fluorescent molecular rotors with high sensitivity and a large dynamic range in lifetime and intensity mode

  • Exeptional Dyes for 2-Photon Microscopy

    Fluorescent probes and labels with exceptionally high 2-photon cross sections close to 10,000 GM based on squaraines and squaraine rotaxanes


                      2-PCS comparison of red emitting Seta and SeTau dyes


  • Fluorescence Lifetime Labels

    Fluorescence lifetime labels with lifetimes from 0.5 to 32 ns for fluorescence lifetime and polarization applications

  • Fluorescence Standards

    Fluorescence standards are utilized in the calibration and validation of fluorescence instruments, luminescence readers, and as fluorescence reference materials. The standard kits offered by SETA are ready and easy to use!